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What device will authenticate the user when a sponsor creates a guest account on the Cisco NGS?

A.    WLAN controller
B.    Cisco ACS
C.    Cisco NGS
D.    active directory server

Answer: C

A lobby ambassador is creating guest access accounts. At which two locations can the accounts be stored? (Choose two.)

A.    NAC guest server
B.    Active directory
C.    WLAN controller
D.    WCS
E.    ACS

Answer: CD

An engineer is configuring the guest WLAN to redirect to a created login page uploaded to the controller. Which three CLI commands are required if the guest WLAN is on WLAN 2? (Choose three.)

A.    config wlan security web-auth enable 2
B.    config wlan custom-web global enable 2
C.    config wlan custom-web webauth-type customized 2
D.    config wlan custom-web login-page login.html 2
E.    config wlan custom-web webauth-type internal 2
F.    config wlan custom-web login-page customized 2

Answer: ACD

An engineer creating a configuration file to upload to a controller would like the guest WLAN to be set for L3 authentication only. What command must be included in the configuration file?

A.    config wlan security web-auth enable 2
B.    config wlan security wpa wpa2 disable 2
C.    config wlan security web-auth server-precedence 2 local radius ldap
D.    config wlan custom-web global enable 2

Answer: A

An engineer is configuring the anchor controller for a guest network. What setting in the guest WLAN can be different from the foreign controllers?

A.    VLAN
B.    radio policy
C.    QOS setting
D.    WLAN advanced settings

Answer: A

All users on one of the two guest WLANs are failing to connect after a configuration change was made to a controller. What is the cause of the outage?

A.    The interface or VLAN of the anchor controller and foreign controller no longer match.
B.    The configuration of the failing WLAN no longer matches the foreign controllers.
C.    The address of the NAC guest server has been changed.
D.    The DHCP server on the foreign controller was changed.

Answer: B

What three items can be found on the Wireless Control System PCI DSS Compliance Report? (Choose three.)

A.    all authentication and encryption violations
B.    all ACL violations and reports
C.    all IDS threats
D.    detailed association history for clients connected to the network
E.    all SSIDs not using Client Exclusion
F.    all access points that have rogue detection enabled

Answer: ACD

An engineer is segmenting WLAN traffic by security options after the client has received an IP address. Which two security options are possible? (Choose two.)

A.    web policy
B.    Cisco Key Integrity Protocol
C.    PSK
D.    802.1x
E.    VPN pass-through

Answer: AE

An engineer is configuring 802.1x authentication on an autonomous AP. What two configuration commands must be included on the AP if the RADIUS server IP is (Choose two.)

A.    radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 key Cisco123
B.    aaa new-model
C.    aaa authorization
D.    aaa attribute list
E.    aaa group server radius

Answer: AB

An engineer has configured passive fallback mode for RADIUS with default timer settings. What will occur when the primary RADIUS fails then recovers?

A.    RADIUS requests will be sent to the secondary RADIUS server until the secondary fails to respond.
B.    The controller will immediately revert back after it receives a RADIUS probe from the primary server.
C.    After the inactive time expires the controller will send RADIUS to the primary.
D.    Once RADIUS probe messages determine the primary controller is active the controller will revert back to the primary RADIUS.

Answer: C

What is the default SYSLOG level in a wireless LAN controller?

A.    alert
B.    notification
C.    error
D.    informational
E.    debugging

Answer: C

An engineer is configuring IDS signatures and sets Bcast deauth to enabled and immediately begins to see Broadcast deauthentication frame alerts.
What Cisco recommended solution would resolve this issue?

A.    disable Bcast deauth
B.    disable Broadcast SSID on the WLAN
C.    enable MFP on the WLAN
D.    locate and disable the attacker

Answer: C

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