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Geena, a cloud architect, uses a master component in the Kubernetes cluster architecture that scans newly generated pods and allocates a node to them.
This component can also assign nodes based on factors such as the overall resource requirement, data locality, software/hardware/policy restrictions, and internal workload interventions.
Which of the following master components is explained in the above scenario?

A. Kube-controller-manager
B. Kube-scheduler
C. Kube-apiserver
D. Etcd cluster

Answer: B

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You plan to use Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
You need to connect Cloud App Security to Azure Sentinel.
What should you do in the Cloud App Security admin center?

A. From Automatic log upload, add a log collector.
B. From Automatic log upload, add a data source.
C. From Connected apps, add an app connector.
D. From Security extension, add a SIEM agent.

Answer: D

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A SysOps administrator is troubleshooting connection timeouts to an Amazon EC2 instance that has a public IP address. The instance has a private IP address of When the SysOps administrator tries to ping the instance’s public IP address from the remote IP address, the response is “request timed out.” The flow logs contain the following information:

What is one cause of the problem?

A. Inbound security group deny rule
B. Outbound security group deny rule
C. Network ACL inbound rules
D. Network ACL outbound rules

Answer: D

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The SOC team has confirmed a potential indicator of compromise on an endpoint. The team has narrowed the executable file’s type to a new trojan family.
According to the NIST Computer Security Incident Handling Guide, what is the next step in handling this event?

A. Isolate the infected endpoint from the network.
B. Perform forensics analysis on the infected endpoint.
C. Collect public information on the malware behavior.
D. Prioritize incident handling based on the impact.

Answer: C

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What type of design model does FortiPlanner use in wireless design project?

A. Architectural model
B. Predictive model
C. Analytical model
D. Integration model

Answer: A
FortiPlanner will look familiar to anyone who has used architectural or home design software.
Reference: http://en.hackdig.com/?7883.htm

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Case Study 3 – Fabrikam, Inc
General Overview
Fabrikam, Inc. is a consulting company that has a main office in Montreal and branch offices in Seattle and New York. Fabrikam has IT, human resources (HR), and finance departments.
Existing Environment
Network Environment
Fabrikam has a Microsoft 365 subscription and an Azure subscription named subscription1.
The network contains an on-premises Active Directory domain named Fabrikam.com. The domain contains two organizational units (OUs) named OU1 and OU2. Azure AD Connect cloud sync syncs only OU1.
The Azure resources hierarchy is shown in the following exhibit.

The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant contains the users shown in the following table.

Azure AD contains the resources shown in the following table.

Subscription1 Resources
Subscription1 contains the virtual networks shown in the following table.

Subscription1 contains the network security groups (NSGs) shown in the following table.

Subscription1 contains the virtual machines shown in the following table.

Subscription1 contains the Azure key vaults shown in the following table.

Subscription1 contains a storage account named storage1 in the West US Azure region.
Planned Changes and Requirements
Planned Changes
Fabrikam plans to implement the following changes:
Create two application security groups as shown in the following table.

Associate the network interface of VM1 to ASG1.
Deploy SecPol1 by using Azure Security Center.
Deploy a third-party app named App1. A version of App1 exists for all available operating systems.
Create a resource group named RG2.
Sync OU2 to Azure AD.
Add User1 to Group1.
Technical Requirements
Fabrikam identifies the following technical requirements:
The finance department users must reauthenticate after three hours when they access SharePoint Online.
Storage1 must be encrypted by using customer-managed keys and automatic key rotation.
From Sentinel1, you must ensure that the following notebooks can be launched:
– Entity Explorer – Account
– Entity Explorer – Windows Host
– Guided Investigation Process Alerts
VM1, VM2, and VM3 must be encrypted by using Azure Disk Encryption.
Just in time (JIT) VM access for VM1, VM2, and VM3 must be enabled.
App1 must use a secure connection string stored in KeyVault1.
KeyVault1 traffic must NOT travel over the internet.
You need to meet the technical requirements for the finance department users.
Which CAPolicy1 settings should you modify?

A. Cloud apps or actions
B. Conditions
C. Grant
D. Session

Answer: D

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A network technician has multimode fiber optic cable available in an existing IDF.
Which of the following Ethernet standards should the technician use to connect the network switch to the existing fiber?

A. 10GBaseT
B. 1000BaseT
C. 1000BaseSX
D. 1000BaseLX

Answer: A

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You have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.
You plan to upgrade from Microsoft Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.
You use the following workloads in Skype for Business:
Audio/video conferencing
Dial-in conferencing
Enterprise Voice
Persistent Chat
You need to ensure that users can evaluate Microsoft Teams while maintaining PSTN calling by using the Skype for Business client.
Which coexistence mode should you use?

A. Islands
B. Skype for Business with Teams collaboration
C. Skype for Business only
D. Meetings First

Answer: D

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When deploying NVMe/FC, what must be supported and enabled on the host to ensure proper multipathing? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    NVMe Qualified Names (NQN)
B.    Asynchronous Namespace Access (ANA)
C.    single initiator multiple target zoning
D.    Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA)

Answer: B

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An organization wants to split their Cisco ISE deployment to separate the device administration functionalities from the mam deployment. For this to work, the administrator must deregister any nodes that will become a part of the new deployment, but the button for this option is grayed out. Which configuration is causing this behavior?

A.    One of the nodes is an active PSN.
B.    One of the nodes is the Primary PAN
C.    All of the nodes participate in the PAN auto failover.
D.    All of the nodes are actively being synched.

Answer: B

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