This page was exported from Free Download Braindump2go Oracle OCA, OCP, OCM,Microsoft Exam Questions & Dumps with PDF&VCE [ ] Export date:Fri Jan 24 23:55:41 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [June-2019-New]Braindump2go 640-875 VCE Dumps Free Download --------------------------------------------------- 2019 Latest Braindump2go CCNA Service Provider 640-875 SPNGN1 Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new 640-875 Exam Questions:1.|2019 Latest 640-875 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Instant Download:|2019 Latest 640-875 Exam Questions & Answers Instant Download: QuestionA BNG device can implement which three functions? (Choose three.)A. authentication, authorization, and accountingB. security and policy managementC. DHCP serverD. DHCP relayE. call managementF. DNS proxyAnswer: ABDNew QuestionWhich two architectures are part of the FTTx group of technologies? (Choose two.)A. Fiber-to-the-BuildingB. Fiber-to-the-CabinetC. Fiber-to-the-Telecom-EnclosureD. Fiber-to-the-HomeE. Fiber-to-the-ZoneAnswer: ADNew QuestionWhich three Cisco platforms support IPoDWDM? (Choose three.)A. Cisco ASR 1000 SeriesB. Cisco ASR 9000 SeriesC. Cisco CRS-1D. Cisco ISR G2 SeriesE. Cisco 7600 SeriesF. Cisco 2900 SeriesAnswer: BCENew QuestionA technician connects a Cisco ASR 9001 Router with a 40 Gigabit Ethernet modular port adapter to an older model Cisco switch through a transceiver. The older Cisco switch has interfaces that only support up to 100-Mb half-duplex. What should you tell the technician about this configuration?A. The devices are unable to communicate.B. On the older model Cisco switch, set the speed to "auto," so that the devices can communicate.C. On the Cisco ASR 9001 Router, set the duplex and the speed to "auto," so that the devices can communicate.D. Set the transceiver to half/full duplex mode so that the devices can communicate.Answer: ANew QuestionWhich two features are used on CE devices in Metro Ethernet? (Choose two.)A. encryptionB. MPLSC. packet filteringD. XconnectAnswer: BDNew QuestionRefer to the exhibit. All physical interfaces are up. What change must you make to ensure that Multilink PPP functions? A. Configure no ppp authentication chap for serial 1/3.B. Configure ppp multilink group 1 for serial 1/1 and serial 1/3.C. Configure encapsulation ppp for the serial interfaces on both routers.D. Add an IP address inside the multilink group.E. Configure no shutdown inside the multilink interface.Answer: CNew QuestionWhich mode prevents the counter track from being incremented when a security violation occurs?A. shutdownB. restrictC. protectD. guardAnswer: CNew QuestionRefer to the exhibit. To log in successfully to the console port, what information should you enter? A. SecretPa$$wordB. EnabLeC. admin for the username and ThisIsVerySecretPassword for the passwordD. CIsc0Answer: ANew QuestionRefer to the exhibit. You want to configure RADIUS authentication for users who connect by using the SSH protocol. If the RADIUS server is unreachable, the users that are defined in the running configuration should be used. Which additional command should you use? A. aaa authentication ssh group radius backup configB. aaa authentication ssh group radius backup currentC. aaa authentication list ssh group radius usersD. aaa authentication login ssh group radius localAnswer: DNew QuestionYou want to successfully authenticate to a neighboring router that has authentication type 2 configured for OSPF Area 0. Which two commands should you use? (Choose two.)A. Inside OSPF mode, configure area 0 authentication message-digest.B. Inside interface mode, configure ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5.C. Inside interface mode, configure ip ospf authentication-key.D. Inside OSPF mode, configure area 2 authentication.E. Inside OSPF mode, configure area 0 authentication.Answer: ABNew QuestionYou are informed by your ISP that your network participated in a DDoS attack, which sent spoofed IP packets. The ISP was able to block the packets. To prevent similar attacks, which feature should you use?A. Unicast Reverse Path ForwardingB. broadcast storm controlC. directed broadcastsD. dynamic routing protocolsAnswer: A!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2019 Latest 640-875 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Instant Download:|2019 Latest 640-875 Study Guide Video Instant Download: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2019-06-06 03:10:22 Post date GMT: 2019-06-06 03:10:22 Post modified date: 2019-06-06 03:10:22 Post modified date GMT: 2019-06-06 03:10:22 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from