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Answer: C QUESTION 84Which two options are causes for failure of a Cisco C-Series server that is configured to boot from SAN? (Choose two.) A.    The boot LUN ID is not 0.B.    The ISCSI target is only available via one via one path through the network.C.    C-Series does not support boot from SAN.D.    The KVM dongle is attached to the front of the server with a USB stick installed.E.    Under the FCoE properties on the vNIC adapter, the FCoE VLAN ID is set to 10.F.    The boot table for fc0 has not been configured. Answer: DF QUESTION 85Which command on the Fabric Interconnect displays packet statistics for a given QoS group and MTU size? A.    show policy-map interface ethernet x/yB.    show queuing interface ethernet x/yC.    show interface ethernet x/yD.    show class-map type qosE.    show interface queuing ethernet x/y Answer: B QUESTION 86A Cisco UCS admin is trying to integrate Cisco UCS Manager with Active Directory Authentication. After the configuration is done, the admin is still unable to log in using LDAP credentials. When running a debug on the Fabric Interconnect, this error is displayed:ldap_build_roles_and_locales_from_attr: No attr for usr profileWhich step was missed in the configuration? A.    The LDAP provider was not configured correctly.B.    The proper RBAC role(s) were not assigned to the user.C.    Cisco UCS Manager 2.1 is required for LDAP integration.D.    The "Attribute" field in Cisco UCS was left blank. Answer: B QUESTION 87Which three requirements are needed to configure a blade to boot successfully from Fibre Channel? (Choose three.) A.    zoningB.    LUN maskingC.    WWPN device aliasD.    boot from SAN policyE.    SAN connectivity policyF.    port assignmentG.    target WWPN needs to be set in the boot from SAN policy Answer: ABD QUESTION 88Which description of a core file is true? A.    It is generated by a system failure.B.    It is generated by a process failure.C.    It is generated by a component failure.D.    It is generated by a hardware failure. Answer: B QUESTION 89Which logs are used to troubleshoot hardware failure? A.    system event logB.    audit logC.    accounting logD.    gateway logsE.    system log Answer: A QUESTION 90A UCS Admin is trying to launch the KVM console but it is failing to launch. All IP Pools for mgmt are configured and the CIMC has an address in UCSM. They SSH to the fabric Interconnect and run an ethanalyzer while issuing a ping from their local PC to the KVM IP address. The ping is successful but they do not see the ICMP requests and replies displayed in the capture. Here is the filter they used:FIA(nxos)# ethanalyzer local interface mgmt display-filter icmp limit-captured-frames 0What could be the reason pings are not seen in the capture and the KVM is failing to load? A.    Java settings are preventing the KVM from loadingB.    There is a duplicate IP address for that CIMC addressC.    The switch upstream from the FI has the wrong vlan configuredD.    The CIMC IP pool is in the same subnet as the Fabric Interconnects mgmt 0 interface Answer: B QUESTION 91Where do you configure users so that they cannot access resources that belong to other organizations? A.    rolesB.    domain separationC.    localsD.    VDCs Answer: C QUESTION 92What is the correct procedure to change Ethernet switching modes? A.    Navigate to the subordinate Fabric Interconnect in the GUI, choose "Set Ethernet Switching mode", wait for it to come back up, and repeat on the primary FI.B.    Navigate to either Fabric Interconnect in the GUI, choose "Set Ethernet Switching mode", and wait while both FIs reboot simultaneously.C.    Navigate to either Fabric Interconnect in the GUI and transparently update the mode to switching. Repeat on the other Fabric Interconnect.D.    Simply start using the switching features. The Fabric Interconnect automatically reconfigures to use Ethernet Switching Mode. Answer: B QUESTION 93Which power policy should be chosen to maximize the performance of a Cisco UCS system with four PSUs and eight blades? A.    non-redundantB.    N+1C.    gridD.    performance Answer: C 100% 642-035 Complete Success & Money Back Guarantee!By utilizing Braindump2go high quality Cisco 642-035 Exam Dumps Products, You can surely pass 642-035 certification 100%! 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