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A.    encryptionB.    stateful firewallC.    MPLS encapsulationD.    GRE encapsulation Answer: A QUESTION 52You are designing a Group Encrypted Transport virtual private network solution for an existing branch network. The existing network has the following characteristics:- 50 remote sites (with an additional 30 remote sites expected over the next 3 years)- Connectivity between all sites is via Multiprotocol Label Switching Layer 3 virtual private network service from a single provider- Open Shortest Path First is the routing protocol used between provider edge and customer edge routers- The customer edge routers will become group members performing the encryption between sitesWhich additional routing protocol would you use for the overlay routing between the group members? A.    Open Shortest Path First (with a different process ID)B.    Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing ProtocolC.    No additional protocol is necessary.D.    External Border Gateway ProtocolE.    Routing Information Protocol Version 2F.    Next Hop Resolution Protocol Answer: C QUESTION 53Refer to the exhibit.You are designing a loop-free hierarchical VPLS service. Which two design considerations should be implemented for the pseudowires between the N-PE and U-PE routers? (Choose two.)  A.    Disable split horizon toward the N-PE routers.B.    Disable split horizon toward the U-PE router.C.    Enable split horizon toward the U-PE router.D.    Enable split horizon toward the N-PE routers.E.    Disable MAC learning on the U-PE route.F.    Disable MAC learning on the N-PE routers. Answer: BD QUESTION 54You are designing a network using multipoint GRE tunnels and need to be able to detect when connectivity between the GRE tunnel endpoints is broken. Which statement is true about configuring keepalives for multipoint GRE tunnels? A.    The keepalive timer values on the routers must have the same value.B.    Both routers must support GRE tunnel keepalives.C.    No configuration is required to detect when connectivity is broken between the GRE tunnel endpoints.D.    GRE tunnel keepalives will not detect when connectivity is broken between the GRE tunnel endpoints. Answer: D QUESTION 55A network designer has provisioned a router to use IPsec to encrypt the traffic over a GRE tunnel going to a web server at a remote location. From the router, the network designer can ping the web server, although the users in the office comment that they are unable to reach it. (Note: The DF bit is not set.) Which aspect should be changed in the design of the virtual connection? A.    IP addresses of the GRE tunnel endpointsB.    IPsec configurationC.    MTU size on the GRE tunnelD.    encapsulation of the GRE tunnel Answer: C QUESTION 56Company X will be integrating an IPv6 application into their network and wants to develop a test environment to evaluate application performance across the network. This application will require both unicast and multicast communications. The company can do this implementation only in certain areas of its existing IPv4-only network, but wants all areas to communicate with each other. When developing the design to provide connectivity between these testing locations, what tunneling technology would work in this scenario? A.    ISATAPB.    6to4C.    DMVPND.    6vPEE.    6PE Answer: C QUESTION 57You are working on a network design plan for a company with approximately 2000 sites. The sites will be connected using the public Internet. You plan to use private IP addressing in the network design, which will be routed without NAT through an encrypted WAN network. Some sites will be connected to the Internet with dynamic public IP addresses, and these addresses may change occasionally. Which VPN solution will support these design requirements? A.    GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not scale to 2000 sites.B.    DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not scale to 2000 sites.C.    GET VPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with DMVPN through the public Internet.D.    DMVPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with GET VPN through the public Internet.E.    GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites.F.    DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites. Answer: D QUESTION 58A company wants to connect two data center sites using a hub-and-spoke design with 2000 remote sites. One design consideration is the requirement to transfer MPLS packets over the public Internet. In addition, one router at each site should be used, and the MPLS packets must be encapsulated inside IP packets because the public Internet cannot transfer native MPLS packets. Which feature can be used to simplify the network design? A.    GET VPN can be used to encrypt the MPLS packets with IPsec.B.    DMVPN can be used to build up GRE tunnels dynamically with MPLS encapsulation inside.C.    L2TPv3 can be used to encapsulate the MPLS packets.D.    Site-to-site IPsec without GRE can be used to encapsulate the MPLS packets.E.    PPPoE can be used to encapsulate the MPLS packets. Answer: B QUESTION 59Refer to the exhibit. An enterprise is migrating its single-area OSPF network from a Frame Relay WAN service to an MPLS L3VPN service. Frame Relay will remain in only a few sites that require increased resiliency via two different WAN connections. Which feature could be used in the ?MPLS VPN service provider network to support the design requirement by ensuring that during normal operation, intersite traffic will only use the MPLS VPN service and not the old Frame Relay service? A.    virtual linksB.    sham linksC.    multiple stub areasD.    super backbone Answer: B QUESTION 60When creating a network design that routes an IGP over L2VPNs, with which device does the remote CE router form an IGP adjacency? A.    the hub site PE routerB.    the hub site CE routerC.    the directly connected PE routerD.    The IGP will not establish adjacency over the MPLS network. 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