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Admin1 fails to synchronize a new Windows Phone device by using Exchange ActiveSync and receives an HTTP 500 error message. Admin1 successfully logs on to Outlook Web App and Outlook Anywhere. You need to ensure that Admin1 can synchronize the new Windows Phone device by using Exchange ActiveSync.What should you do? A.    Install a trusted root certificate on the Windows Phone device.B.    Create a new mobile device mailbox policy.C.    Enable permission inheritance on the Admin1 user account.D.    Disable permission inheritance on the Admin1 user account. Answer: CExplanation:Mobile device mailbox policyIn Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, you can create mobile device mailbox policies to apply a common set of policies or security settings to a collection of users. After you deploy Exchange ActiveSync in your Exchange 2013 organization, you can create new mobile device mailbox policies or modify existing policies. When you install Exchange 2013, a default mobile device mailbox policy is created. All users are automatically assigned this default mobile device mailbox policy.NOT AIt is possible to save a digital certificate to a file and install a digital certificate on a Windows Mobile phone.Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync enables a variety of mobile phones to synchronize with an Exchange mailbox.A digital certificate might need to be installed on a user's mobile phone if Exchange ActiveSync is required to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and your organization uses a certificate that isn't from a trusted commercial certification authority (CA).No mention of SSL in this questionNOT BThis is a permission inheritance issue.NOT DNeed to enable permission inheritance not disable it or leave it as disabled.C  QUESTION 118You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization that contains a server named EX1. Your network contains a non-critical internal application that regularly connects to the POP3 Service on EX1. Users report that Outlook Web App performs more slowly than usual. You discover that EX1 frequently has a CPU utilization that is greater than 85 percent. You need to configure EX1 temporarily to allocate more processor resources to Outlook Web App and to allocate less processor resources to POP3. Which two new policies should you create? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) A.    a throttling policy that sets OWAMaxConcurrency to 25B.    a workload policy for POP3 that sets the WorkloadClassification to DiscretionaryC.    a workload policy for Outlook Web App that sets the WorkloadClassification to DiscretionaryD.    a throttling policy that sets PopMaxConcurrency to 25E.    a workload policy for POP3 that sets the WorkloadClassification to CustomerExpectationF.    a workload policy for Outlook Web App that sets the WorkloadClassification to CustomerExpectation Answer: BFExplanation:A workload policyAn Exchange workload is an Exchange Server feature, protocol, or service that's been explicitly defined for the purposes of Exchange system resource management. Each Exchange workload consumes system resources such as CPU, mailbox database operations, or Active Directory requests to run user requests or background work. Examples of Exchange workloads include Outlook Web App, Exchange ActiveSync, mailbox migration, and mailbox assistants.There are two ways to manage Exchange workloads: by monitoring the health of system resources or by controlling how resources are consumed by individual users (sometimes called user throttling in Exchange 2010).Managing workloads based on the health of system resources is new in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.Controlling how resources are consumed by individual users was possible in Exchange Server 2010, and this capability has been expanded for Exchange Server 2013. You can customize the workload management settings if you want to change the default behavior of the feature for the needs of your environment.Workload classificationsEach Exchange workload (for example, the Calendar Synchronization Assistant workload), is assigned a classification.Workload policy settings are used to group each workload into a class. Classification is used to control both priority and target resource usage.Exchange workloads can be assigned one of the following classifications:UrgentCustomer ExpectationInternal MaintenanceDiscretionaryWorkloads in a higher classification group are given preference as resource health shows signs of degrading.For example, when a resource such as local server CPU reaches high usage, workloads classified as InternalMaintenance may continue to run, while workloads classified as Discretionary may be stopped.NOT A DA throttling policy is related to Exchange 2010NOT CDo not need to allocate less priority to Outlook Web App, but more NOT EPOP3 is allocated too much resources with a WorkloadClassification of CustomerExpectation Correct Answer BNeed to allocate less priority to POP3Correct Answer FOutlook Web App is allocated the appropriate amount of resources with a WorkloadClassification of CustomerExpectation QUESTION 119Hotspot QuestionYour company has an Exchange Server 2013 organization. The company hires 200 temporary employees. You create a mailbox for each temporary employee. You create a new management role named CustomBaseOptions that uses MyBaseOptions as a parent. You create a new management role named CustomContactlnfo that uses MyContactlnfo as a parent. You plan to apply the new management roles to the temporary employees. You need to identify which management roles must be modified to prevent the temporary employees from performing the following task:- Adding a user photo- Viewing delivery reports- Viewing the Install Apps feature- Changing the value of the office locationWhich management roles should you identify? To answer, select the appropriate management role for each task in the answer area. Answer:  Explanation:ADDING A USER PHOTOMyBaseOptionsView and modify the basic configuration of their own mailbox and associated settings.VIEWING DELIVERY REPORTSMyBaseOptions includes the following delivery reports information Delivery SuccessDelivery FailureEmail submission from the senders mailboxMessage was read etc...VIEWING THE INSTALL APPS FEATUREMyBaseOptionsView and modify the basic configuration of their own mailbox and associated settings.CHANGING THE VALUE OF THE OFFICE LOCATIONThe MyContactInformation management role enables individual users to modify their contact information, including address and phone numbers. QUESTION 120You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization.You are troubleshooting an email delivery problem.You need to disable temporarily the antimalware scanning on a server that has Exchange Server 2013 installed. The solution must ensure that the antimalware engine continues to download updates.What should you run? A.    the Set-TransportConfig cmdletB.    the Disable-Antimalwarescanning.psl scriptC.    the New-MalwareFilterPolicy cmdletD.    the Set-MalwareFilteringServer cmdlet Answer: DExplanation:Disable or Bypass Anti-Malware ScanningImportant:Bypassing malware filtering should only be done when troubleshooting a problem. You should restore malware filtering after you have finished troubleshooting. To temporarily bypass malware filtering, run the following command:Set-MalwareFilteringServer <ServerIdentity> -BypassFiltering $true To restore malware filtering, run the following command:Set-MalwareFilteringServer <ServerIdentity> -BypassFiltering $false Case Study 6: Trey Research (QUESTION 121 ~ QUESTION 131)OverviewTrey Research is a pharmaceutical company that has 10,000 users. Most of the users work remotely, including the users in the finance department. The finance department users reside in an organizational unit (OU) named Finance.Trey Research purchases a partner pharmaceutical company named Fabrikam, Inc. Fabrikam has 2,000 users and hosts its own Exchange Server 2010 organization.Existing EnvironmentActive Directory EnvironmentThe network of Trey Research contains an Active Directory forest. The forest contains an empty parent domain named and a child domain named The forest contains one site named DefaultSite.The Trey Research network and the Fabrikam network connect to each other by using a WAN link. A two-way trust exists between the Trey Research and Fabrikam networks.Trey Research Exchange Server OrganizationTrey Research has an Exchange Server 2013 organization that contains four servers. The servers are configured as shown in the following table. EX1 and EX2 are the members of a database availability group (DAG) named DAG1.Trey Research has three databases named DB1, DB2, and DB3. DB1 and DB2 replicate between all of the servers in DAG1. DB3 is mounted on EX4.The storage on EX1 and EX2 is configured as shown in the following table. The Exchange Server 2013 servers at Trey Research are configured as follows:- EX3 and EX4 perform spam filtering.- The public folder hierarchy mailbox is homed on DB3. - Each mailbox database contains a public folder mailbox. - HTTP traffic is load balanced by using a Layer 4 hardware load balancer. - The hardware load balancer uses the OWA virtual directory for health monitoring. - On EX1 and EX2, the mailbox database files and log files are stored on volume mount points.- IMAP is enabled on EX4 to download email messages for a custom help desk application.-Remote users access their mailbox by using Outlook Web App and Exchange ActiveSync.- The custom help desk application uses a service account that has a display name of Help Desk and an SMTP address of Exchange Server OrganizationFabrikam has an Exchange Server 2010 organization that contains two servers. The servers are configured as shown in the following table. Fabrikam plans to implement the address rewrite feature to change the SMTP domain name of all outbound email to use the SMTP suffix.Problem StatementsTrey Research identifies the following issues:- Recently on EX2, Volumel failed for three days. Once the volume was repaired, reseeding the database from EX1 took more than six hours. - You recently discovered that when the MSExchangeOWAAppPool application pool on EX3 was in a stopped state, the hardware load balancer marked EX3 as offline. - Users report that during the installation of updates on the Exchange Server 2013 servers, the users lost access to their mailbox and were unable to modify public folders.- Several finance department users store sensitive data on their mobile device. The legal department requires that Exchange ActiveSync be disabled for all of the finance department users.- An Active Directory administrator reports that the domain controllers in the domain are overused. The administrator requests that the Exchange Server 2013 servers only use the domain controllers in the domain.RequirementsBusiness GoalThe legal department requires that the finance department users have a segmented view of the global address list (GAL) that only shows recipients in the finance department.Planned ChangesTrey Research plans to implement the following spam confidence level (SCL) configurations:- Block email messages when the SCL score is 9.- Move the email messages to the postmaster mailbox when the SCL score is 7. - Block email messages and send a non-delivery report (NDR) when the SCL score is 8.Resource Utilization RequirementsUsers report that their connection to Outlook Web App is slow since the deployment of IMAP on EX4. The users do not report that they experience performance issues when they use their mobile device.Trey Research reports that the IMAP service is not business critical and must not have a higher priority over hardware resources than Outlook Web App. On EX4, Outlook Web App has the same priority over hardware resources as Exchange ActiveSync. QUESTION 121Drag and Drop QuestionYou need to recommend a solution to resolve the user access issues that occur during the installation of updates on the Exchange Server 2013 servers.Which cmdlets should you recommend using on EX1 and EX2? (To answer, drag the appropriate cmdlet to the correct servers. Each cmdlet may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.) Answer:   QUESTION 122You need to ensure that if a volume fails on EX2 again, a mailbox database copy is recreated automatically on a different volume.Which command should you run? A.    Set-MailboxDatabaseB.    Set-MailboxDatabaseCopyC.    Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupD.    Set-MailboxAutoRcplyConfigu ration Answer: CExplanation:Exchange 2013 Auto ReseedExchange 2013 includes a great new high availability feature that is part of the Database Availability Group.This feature will reseed a database in case of disk failure from a "pool" of volumes that were pre-configured for this propose. In case that the failed drive contained an active database, Exchange will failover to one of the other passive copies and reseed the database. In case that the failed drive contained one of the passive copies, Exchange will reseed the database on the same drive.AutoReseed reduces the need for Exchange Administrator or any other operator, to be on site at the moment of the drive crash and replace it as soon as he can in order to preserve the healthy copies structure. !!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2016/09 New 70-341 PDF & 70-341 VCE 261Q&As Download: 2.|2016/09 New 70-341 Questions & Answers: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-09-13 03:28:57 Post date GMT: 2016-09-13 03:28:57 Post modified date: 2016-09-13 03:28:57 Post modified date GMT: 2016-09-13 03:28:57 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from