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Vendor: MicrosoftExam Code: 70-432Exam Name: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and MaintenanceKeywords: 70-432 Exam Dumps,70-432 Practice Tests,70-432 Practice Exams,70-432 Exam Questions,70-432 PDF,70-432 VCE Free,70-432 Book,70-432 E-Book,70-432 Study Guide,70-432 Braindump,70-432 Prep Guide QUESTION 141You maintain a SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition instance that contains a database named Finance. You need to reduce the size of the full database backup files of the Finance database. Which Transact-SQL statement should you use? A.    BACKUP DATABASE FINANCE TO DISK = 't:backupsfinance.bak*;B.    BACKUP DATABASE FINANCE TO DISK = ,t:backupsfinance.bak' WITH COMPRESSION:C.    BACKUP DATABASE FINANCE TO DISK = ,t:backupsfinance.bak' WITH DIFFERENTIAL:D.    BACKUP DATABASE FINANCE TO DISK = 't:backupsfinance.bak' WITH COMPRESSION- DIFFERENTIAL; Answer: B QUESTION 142You are managing a SQL Server 2008 instance which includes a database called TesterDB for The data file and the transaction log file which are located on the D: drive that owns only 10 percent useful space. You should make sure that you move both files to the G: drive.Which is the correct answer? A.    You should implement the statement below: ALTER DATABASE Finance SET RESTRICTED_USER WITH ROLLBACK_IMMEDIATE; Move the data file andB.    Run the following Transact-SQL statements. ALTER DATABASE Finance MODIFY FILE(NAME = Finance_Data, FILENAME =C.    mdf'); ALTER DATABASE Finance SET MULTI_USER;D.    You should utilize the following Transact-SQL statement.E.    ALTER DATABASE TesterDB SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK_IMMEDIATE;F.    ALTER DATABASE TesterDBG.    mdf'); ldf'); ALTER DATABASE TesterDB SET ONLINE; Answer: B QUESTION 143You are managing your company database. You manage a SQL Server 2005 database called ContractTEST, which is down.You operate a restore by using the following Transact-SQL script. RESTORE DATABASE ContractTESTFROM contracts_bu_deviceWITH CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR, CHECKSUM, RECOVERY After the restore, the SQL Server logs show errors in some page restores.What you should do is to repair the database pages, which are down, and facilitates repair by using the fastest method.Which is the correct answer? A.    You should add code: DBCC CHECKDB (Contracts, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS) WITH NO_INFOMSGSB.    You should add code: ALTER DATABASE Contracts SET TORN_PAGE_DETECTION ONC.    You should add code: DBCC CHECKDB (Contracts, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS) WITH TABLOCKD.    You should add code: ALTER DATABASE Contracts SET TRUSTWORTHY ON Answer: C QUESTION 144Yon maintain a SQL Server 2008 instance that contains a database named Finance.The backup strategy for the Finance database specifies the following requirements:- Full database backup to a file named finance.bak is performed at 08:00 hours daily.- A transaction log backup to a file named finance_HHMM.trn is performed every 15 minutes starting at 08:15 horns.The Finance database is being used in single-user mode.At 08:40 hours, a user reports that some important data was accidentally deleted by a query that was executed at 08:23 horns.You need to restore the database to its original state.Which Transact-SQL statement(s) should you use?  A.    Option AB.    Option BC.    Option CD.    Option D Answer: B QUESTION 145You are managing a SQL Server 2008 computer called SQLTEST1. You should configure the SQL Server service and the SQL Server Agent service to start automatically, and set SQLTEST1 to audit all user names and application names that plan to get information from SQLTEST1. SQLTEST1 must operate auditing always, and you should keep the results for 10 years. Which is the correct answer? A.    You should disable the C2 Audit Tracing setting on the server properties.B.    You should create a SQL Server Agent job to run the SQL Trace stored procedure. Configure the job to start when the SQL Server Agent service starts.C.    You should set the Login auditing setting to both failed and successful loginsD.    You should configure the server authentication mode as SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. Answer: B QUESTION 146You are managing two SQL Server 2008 computers called SQLTEST1 and SQTEST2, which include a copy of a database named Sales. The database is replicated between SQL1 and SQL2 by using transactional replication. A full backup of each database is performed every night.Transaction log backups are performed every hour. Replication latency is typically less than two minutes. One afternoon, the Sales database on SQLTEST1 becomes corrupted. You are unable to repair the database. The Sales database on SQLTEST2 is unaffected. You need to return the Sales database on SQLTEST1 to normal operation as quickly as possible.You must ensure a minimum loss of data and minimal impact to users of either server.What should you do? A.    You should reserve the most recent full database backup and the whole transaction logs made since the past backup could be made.B.    You should reserve only the newest transaction log backup.C.    You should detach the Sales database on SQL2. Copy the database file to SQL1, and link the database on both servers.D.    You should reserve a full database backup on SQL2. Reserve the backup to SQL1. Answer: D QUESTION 147You are mastering the company database; you should use the SQL Server 2005 database which enables business users to operate both ad hoc and predefined searches. You doubt that some searched will cost too many resources. You should clarify which searches cost the most resources. You decide to finish this aim as quickly as possible. Which is the correct answer? A.    You should utilize the sqldiag functionB.    You should utilize the sys.dm_exec_query_stats dynamic management view (DMV).C.    You should utilize the DBCC INPUTBUFFER requirementsD.    You should utilize the SHOWPLAN session selection. Answer: B QUESTION 148You administer a SQL Server 2008 instance that contains a database named Sales.A SQL Server login named SalesAppLogin maps to a database user named SalesAppUser in the Sales database.You need to ensure that the database user can perform only the following tasks:- Execute all stored procedures that currently exist in the Sales database. - Execute all stored procedures that will be created in the Sales database.What should you do? A.    Add SalesAppUser to the appropriate fixed database roles.B.    Grant the appropriate object-level permissions to SalesAppUser.C.    Grant the appropriate server-level permissions to SalesAppLogin.D.    Grant the appropriate database-level permissions to SalesAppUser. Answer: D QUESTION 149You are mastering the company database, with a SQL Server 2008 computer called SQLTEST1.There are three examples of SQL Server in the SQLTEST1.The ability to connect to the dedicated administrative connection on every example of SQL Server should be included in the disaster recovery plan of the company. You find that you could connect to the connection on SQLTEST1 default example while testing this ability; you could not connect to the dedicated connection on the two other examples on SQLTEST1. You should clarify that the examples are implementing and that client applications should be able to approach them. You should make sure that no other administrators are attempting to connect to any dedicated connections on SQLTEST1. You should also make sure that you could connect to the dedicated connection on all three examples. Which is the correct answer? A.    You should begin the SQL Server Browser service. Set the service to run automatically.B.    You should utilize the IIS tool to make the dedicated administrative connection.C.    You should stop and restart the default examples of SQL Server.D.    You should reset the default example to utilize a default port amount other than 1434. Answer: A QUESTION 150You are mastering the company database. During the development, you find that Transact- SQL query below is running slowly:SELECT VideoTitle, UpcNum, RetailPrice, Release Date FROM Srvideo.VideoTitle WITH (INDEX(0)) WHERE ReleaseDate BETWEEN '20050401' AND '20050510' A clustered index exists on the VideoTitle column.There is a nonclustered index on the ReleaseDate column which contains the UpcNum and RetailPrice columns. The result of the avg_fragmentation_in_percent is 30 percent, when you search the sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats dynamic management function (DMF) or the VideoTitle table,In order to find this method to solve this problem, which is the correct answer? A.    You should reproduce the whole indexes on the VideoTitle table.B.    You should delete the query hint from the query.C.    You should alter the query hint to force the optimizer to force a unclustered index seek.D.    You should Re-create the index on only the ReleaseDate column. Answer: B Want to be 70-432 certified? Using Braindump2go New Released 70-432 Exam Dumps Now! We Promise you a 100% Success Passing Exam 70-432 Or We will return your money back instantly! --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2015-07-21 07:31:15 Post date GMT: 2015-07-21 07:31:15 Post modified date: 2015-07-21 07:31:15 Post modified date GMT: 2015-07-21 07:31:15 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from